"At Eope, we combine technology and learning for companies.

Henry Kaasik, CTO at EOPE

Eope values

Our mission is to transform the way companies train their employees.

At Eopes, our core value is not only in our products, but is reflected in all our endeavors.

Trust and honesty are the foundation of our activities.

This flexibility combined with a collective spirit of collaboration ensures that Eope remains at the forefront of corporate training solutions.

The Eope team

The Eope team is a diverse collective of innovators, trainers and technologists passionately combining their expertise to transform the corporate training landscape.

  • Priidik Roos

    Co-Founder / CEO

  • Henry Kaasik

    Co-Founder / CTO

  • Jarmo Kungla

    Software Architect

  • Aleksei Milišenko

    Senior Software Developer

  • Luca Mizzi

    CyberSecurity Engineer

"Having witnessed the development of entrepreneurship training, I believe that Eope stands out as a beacon of modern learning.

Pridik Roos
CEO of Eope

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